About Us

Temple Israel is a modern, conservative, egalitarian synagogue founded in 1886. We are located in Vestal, NY, an immediate suburb of Binghamton, NY, the gateway to upstate NY.

The synagogue was originally located, in 1892, on Water Street in Binghamton.

In 1923, a new synagogue was constructed on Exchange Street.

In 1968, the synagogue moved to its current location in Vestal, NY.

In December, 2013, the roof of the synagogue collapsed due to heavy snow. The building was a loss. Through the work of a host of people, the Torahs and many important artifacts were saved.

In 2016, a new synagogue was re-built on the same site in Vestal, where it stands today. The story of the loss and the rebuilding is told in this video:

Among the most beautiful artifacts saved were the aron (the cabinet where the Torahs are kept) and it’s 900 lb. “Burning Bush / Tree of Life” wrought iron doors. The adjoining stained glass panels were also preserved and reused.

Artwork hanging in the synagogue can be seen here.

Throughout these many years, the members of temple Israel have been a vibrant, welcoming, and active community.

Rabbi Micah R. Friedman joined Temple Israel as its spiritual leader in July 2023.