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  • Friday June 14
  • Saturday June 15
    • 9:30am: Shabbat morning services
    • 12:15pm: Kiddush
    • 9:40pm: Havdalah (Zoom only)
  • Tuesday June 18
    • 5:30pm: Minyan services
    • 7:00pm: Special Congregational Meeting and Annual Meeting (TI and Zoom)
  • Friday June 21
    • 5:30pm: Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat services
  • Saturday June 22
    • 9:30am: Shabbat morning services
    • 12:15pm: Kiddush
    • 9:40pm: Havdalah (Zoom only)
  • Tuesday June 25
    • 4:45pm: Prayer discussion group
    • 5:30pm: Minyan services
  • Installation Weekend for Rabbi Friedman
    • Friday, June 28
      • 7:30pm: Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat services
      • Festive Oneg Shabbat to follow
    • Saturday, June 29
      • 9:30am: Shabbat services
      • 12:15pm: Special Kiddish with guest, Rabbi Shoshana Rosenbaum
    • Sunday, June 30
Synagogue Life

The Dvar Torah for Bamidbar (June 8, 2024), written by Rabbi Friedman is now available.


You are invited!

Installation Weekend
Rabbi Micah Friedman

Friday, June 28, 2024 – Sunday, June 30, 2024

Temple Israel gratefully acknowledges a gift from The Community Foundation for South Central New York – The David and Virginia Eisenberg Fund which helped to underwrite this Installation program.


A New Rabbi – A New Year – A New Machzor

Our new Rabbi, Micah Friedman, brings new perspectives to our ritual observance, and to honor him on the occasion of is Installation, we will replace our 1970’s vintage High Holiday Prayer Book with the newer Lev Shalem version.

Machzor Lev Shalem features egalitarian text better suited to our current Conservative practice, modern translations that re more approachable, transliteration to aid those who wish to engage but lack Hebrew skills, and many commentaries and interpretations to enhance both worship and study.

This is your opportunity to participate in the fundraiser to acquire these new Machzors for Temple Israel! Please select one of the categories below:

SUSTAINER: Purchase 1 bookplate in 1 Machzor – $90
SPONSOR: Purchase 2 bookplates in 2 Machzors – $180 includes 1 Sunday Installation Luncheon Ticket
GUARDIAN: Purchase 3 bookplates in 3 Machzors -$360 includes 2 Sunday Installation Luncheon Ticket
PATRON: Purchase 5 bookplates in 5 Machzors – $500 includes 2 Sunday Installation Luncheon Tickets
BENEFACTOR: Purchase 7 bookplates in 7 Machzors – $1000 includes 2 Sunday Installation Luncheon Tickets


June 2024

Letter from the Rabbi

Dear Temple Israel Community,

As we begin the month of June, we can look forward to special opportunities to gather together in celebration of our community and our steadfast efforts to enliven Jewish tradition here in greater Binghamton!This year, in June, we will celebrate the final of the 3 ancient pilgrimage festivals of our calendar: Shavuot. Shavuot is known as “Z’man Matan Torateinu” – the season of the giving of our Torah and is often commemorated through both reenacting our standing at Mt. Sinai and through engaging in our own active study of Torah. In essence, as we reach the final season of the Jewish year, we must make the Torah our own through our own effort to
incorporate the wisdom and practices of Torah into our lives.

This year, we will celebrate each day of Shavuot with songful prayer and joyous communal gathering, though we will mark each day differently. On the first day of Shavuot, we will gather later than we typically do, at 10:30 AM to study together and then to sing the Psalms of Hallel. On the following day, we will gather for a full liturgy of Shavuot including both the dramatic reading of the 10 Commandments and a Yizkor service in which we honor the memories of our loved ones with whom we wish we were celebrating this holy day. I hope many of you will be able to join us on one or both of these days, in person or by Zoom.

As we approach the end of June, we will celebrate our ongoing relationship, that relationship between the synagogue-community of Temple Israel and myself as rabbi, with an official installation weekend. I am looking forward to welcoming family and a dear friend and teacher from Hebrew College to join in a weekend of festivity involving joyous Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday, special study and song on Shabbat morning, and a ceremony in which we hope to involve many members of our community. I hope you all will be able to participate in this event which will celebrate both the long, remarkable history of the synagogue and this current stage of the community’s ongoing life.

Between Shavuot and Installation, there is one more unique event on the calendar of our congregation: the Annual Congregational Meeting. This meeting is a powerful opportunity for everyone to both become more informed of the operations of the synagogue and to make your voice heard in our congregational life. In this year in which Americans vote to make our voices heard in local, state, and federal government, we can also celebrate the democratic structure of our local Jewish community in which we empower every member of our congregation to contribute to our collective decision making. Please, join us on Tuesday June 18th!

For now, A Gut Hodesh – A Good Month to All!

Rabbi Micah R. Friedman

הרב מיכה שמחה פרידמן 


June 2024

Letter from the President

Dear Members and Friends of Temple Israel,

     This week we will mark seven months of captivity for the remaining live hostages kidnapped by Hamas last year, and for the ever-worsening humanitarian crisis precipitated by this terrorist act. We yearn for an end to the suffering for all, and are properly frustrated that the leaders of Israel, the Palestinians, and the rest of the world cannot seem to find consensus on even a short-term next step, to say nothing of a viable long-term solution. 

We are left to reckon with the implications of a continuing horror show on the daily news and flagging support for Israel in the world community. We pray for a peaceful resolution which will free the hostages, maintain security for Israel, and address the humanitarian disaster. Against this backdrop, Israel and Jews everywhere must rely on each other, which means we must maintain strong institutions. Temple Israel is one such, and deserving of your support. Under Rabbi Friedman’s leadership, we maintain a full program of services and classes for young and old, as well as his individual and group sessions to support those in need and to help us address the terrible problems we read about every day. We are privileged to benefit from his scholarship and empathy. Three upcoming events, each important to the future of our beloved Temple Israel, are deserving of your support:

1) Our Annual Meeting will be held on June 18th. Your participation in-person if possible, or on zoom, is critical to ensure that we have a quorum to elect Officers and Trustees. We have some continuing and some new candidates. We are very interested in leadership participation from those who have not served before, so if the nominating committee missed you, please join a committee and get involved in the future of YOUR synagogue.

2) We are delighted to invite YOU to participate in a program to honor Rabbi Micah Friedman as we approach the first anniversary of his tenure with us. A three-day Installation Weekend Celebration will be held June 28th-30th, featuring Friday Evening Services with refreshments, Shabbat Morning Services followed by Kiddush, a Shabbat Learning Session with our honored guest – Rabbi Shoshanah Rosenbaum – and on Sunday a Luncheon and Installation Ceremony. Please join us for a celebration of scholarship and dedication. Sunday Installation & Luncheon tickets are $36 per person. (No charge for the Shabbat events, of course!)

3) In addition to the Installation Events, we are honoring Rabbi Friedman by replacing our 70’s-vintage High Holiday prayer books with the newer Machzor Lev Shalem. Lev Shalem (which means “Full Heart”) features updated translations, transliterations, and commentaries to enhance your High Holiday worship experience. We just kicked off the fundraiser for the acquisition of these Lev Shalem machzors. Any level of giving for this fundraiser is appreciated, and any donor of $90 or more will be able to dedicate a bookplate in a machzor. Those who are able to contribute at higher levels are encouraged to do so. See the formal invitation or web site for details. Rabbi Friedman and our High Holiday Cantor Joel Nathanson are excited to be able to offer a meaningful High Holiday experience using Machzor Lev Shalem. Please donate to provide these prayer books for future generations.

We gratefully acknowledge a gift from the Community Foundation for South Central New York – David and Virginia Eisenberg Fund, which helped underwrite the Installation Program.

I look forward to your participation in the aforementioned, and thank each of you for keeping up with your Dues commitments, and for your many other contributions to Temple Israel. Critical to our mission is your participation in our services, classes, and programs.


Arthur B. Siegel
President – Temple Israel

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