A ‘Beginning’ Use of ChatGPT

by Steve Gilbert

Dear Friends,

  Just for fun, I asked ChatGPT to….

Rewrite Genesis 1:1-9:28 in the style of a New York Times news story.

Here’s what it came up with. Enjoy.

In the Beginning: A Cosmic Tale

  In a groundbreaking event that has left scientists and theologians alike in awe, the universe as we know it came into existence. The cosmos, once a formless void shrouded in darkness, was illuminated as light burst forth, effectively separating night from day.

  This celestial phenomenon, which occurred in what could be described as the first ‘day’, was quickly followed by the formation of the sky, a vast expanse separating the waters of the earth. The third ‘day’ ushered in a new era as dry land emerged from the waters, and plant life began to flourish.

  The following ‘days’ saw the creation of the sun, moon, and stars, the emergence of living creatures in the water and sky, and finally, the appearance of all kinds of land animals.

  But the crowning achievement of this cosmic genesis was the creation of humankind, made in the image of the Creator, and given dominion over all other creatures. This marked the end of a busy six ‘days’, after which, the Creator rested.

  In a shocking twist, however, the harmony of this newly formed world was disrupted when the first humans, a man and woman living in a garden paradise, defied the one rule set for them by their Creator. This act of rebellion had severe consequences, leading to their expulsion from the garden and the introduction of hardship into human life.

  The narrative took a darker turn as violence and corruption spread among humankind, culminating in a catastrophic flood that wiped out almost all life on earth. Only one righteous man, Noah, and his family were spared, along with a pair of every kind of animal, all housed in a massive ark.

  After the floodwaters receded, a new chapter began for life on earth. But as this tale shows, the world we live in today has been shaped by a series of extraordinary events, a testament to the power and mystery of the universe’s beginnings.