Shabbat and Weekday Services

We have services (in-person and on Zoom):

If you need the Zoom links, Email the office.

If you would like an Aliyah (be called to the Torah), at Shabbat Services, Contact Us.

The procedure to follow when being called to the Torah.

Learn the Torah Aliyah blessings.

Yahrzeit and Mourner’s Kaddish

If you wish to recite Mourner’s Kaddish during a weekday service, other than Tuesday or Friday, please contact the Temple Israel office.  A notice will be sent to the congregation to make up a Minyan.  It would be helpful if you contact us two weeks prior to the date.

Mask Policy:

Masks are currently optional at Temple Israel. Please attend via zoom if you have contagious symptoms. Please wear a mask if you have had a recent COVID exposure. If you are vulnerable, or live with someone who is, please consider wearing a mask.

For information about participating in Shabbat or weekday services, Contact Us.

Learn to lead davening

How to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish